How Brake Pads Affect Vehicle Function

Many car owners make brake maintenance a low priority until something fails, but this is a serious mistake. A car's braking system is made of hundreds of moving parts, and for things to work as they should, certain components must be replaced at a regular interval. Among these parts, brake pads are changed most often. Read on to learn more here about brake pads and their role in vehicle safety.

What Brake Pads Are and How They Work

In modern vehicles, the front wheels have rotors and calipers. When the brake pedal is applied, the calipers close, creating pressure and friction on the rotors. This action causes the wheels to gradually spin slower until the vehicle comes to a stop.

Brake pads are a removable surface that the caliper uses to grab the rotor during the process, and like other parts, they don't last forever. Friction wears them down with time, and if brake pads get too thin, the system won't work as well as it could. To ensure safety, drivers should get their brake pads replaced at the first indication of any of the issues listed below.

Squealing Noises

A squealing noise is one of the most obvious signs of a brake problem. In many cases, the noise goes away as the brake pedal is pressed, only to return when it's let go. Most of today's brake pads include wear indicators, which emit a distinctive screeching sound when the pads are worn down to a dangerous level.

Clicking Sounds

Depending on the vehicle, the brake pads may be held in place in various ways. The goal behind the design is to keep the pads from moving, and if they come loose somehow, they'll start to rattle. If the brakes are making a clicking sound when the pedal is released or pushed, bring the car in for service.

An Increase in Stopping Distance

This problem is commonly known as 'brake fade', and it's usually the result of the deliberate application of the brakes over long distances without coming to a stop. Occasionally, such maneuvers are necessary, but if it's done frequently, it takes quite a toll on the braking system. If it's taking longer to bring the car to a stop, the pads may be worn out. Call today to schedule brake repair.

A car's brakes are one of its most important safety mechanisms, and as such, they should be serviced at regular intervals. Call Lex Brodie's brake service today to schedule an appointment or visit the website to find out more.